Dont Let Them Hold Your Data For Ransom
Donít  let  them  hold  your  data  for  Ransom

With the recent Ransomware attacks that have hit over 100 countries worldwide, protecting yourself from threats, as well as maintaining access to your valuable data, is critical.  American Broadband recommends that all customers have a solid anti-malware, anti-ransomware solution in place for protection. 

American Broadband offers the Tech Home suite of products that provide:
  • Internet Security through SecureIT, which protects you and your family against the latest online threats with desktop and mobile software to keep your devices safe
  • File Backup through FileHopper, which securely backs up and protects your most important documents, photos, music and emails
  • Password management through Password Genie, which manages all your passwords securely
You have a choice:  take a risk of having your data held ransom and paying upwards of $600 to get access to your data or secure your system for as little as $5.99/month.

For more information on how to add this protection to your devices, contact our Customer Care Center at 1-888-438-4490 or by clicking here.



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